Phones are not just for Facebook, Instagram and Mail, calling, texting or taking selfies. Aside from these applications, your phone can actually do many wonders that are helpful and beneficial to you. Check them out and see if you know or you are aware of these things.
1. Language Translator

Using your phone’s camera, put into view any printed material with foreign language like road signs or containers of imported products. The app replaces the words on the live picture on your screen with its translation in English. Major languages like French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese are covered by this application. If you have Android or Windows versions, this app works even without a connection to the Internet. This is a free feature in the Google Translate app for iPhone and Android users. For Windows, users can download the much the same translator like Bing translator app.

This app is great for travelling. For you to understand the road signs, or what your food is made of and other things that need translating.
2. Measures Heart rate

By using Instant Heart Rate, you can measure your heart rate. This app uses your phone camera and flash to take a reading of your pulse. All you have to do is place your finger on the camera for 10 seconds, and it will measure your heart rate automatically by detecting change in color of your finger from blood flow each time your heart beats. Then it calculates your pulse rate. This app is very useful especially for people who suffer from heart diseases or diabetes. These conditions have the need of close monitoring of their heart rate. It also collects data from each reading then creates charts to help you monitor and compare your heart rate over time which you can also share to your physician in follow up checkups.

Try comparing your heart rate results with the use of the app and by manually measuring your heart rate. The results won’t be significantly different. It is both available for Apple and Android users.





3. Turn off Music Automatically

Some of us need music in order to go to sleep. And we tend to fall asleep with the music playing in the background. This is the main reason you find your phone, battery empty in the morning. Looking for a solution? You don’t need to download a third party application to do this. You can actually set your phone to turn the music off by itself over a period of time so that you can prevent battery drainage. For iPhone users, go to the Clock feature and press on the Timer. Set the time you want your music to be playing. Then tap the phrase ‘When Timer Ends’. Scroll down to go to the bottom part of the screen and choose ‘Stop Playing’.

For Android users, Open the player for music, tap Menu, the go to the Settings. Select the phrase Music Auto Off, and then again, set the time for how long you want your music to play.


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