Finally, iOS 10 is available for download after a series of beta testing. Should you upgrade your operating system to iOS 10 or should you stick with iOS 9? What are the differences between the two operating systems? Are the changes good? What new features have been added? Today, we will be talking about the differences of iOS 10 from its predecessor, iOS 9.

Say goodbye to preinstalled apps

This is one of the major flaws of the previous operating systems. You cannot remove these stock apps. Thanks to iOS 10, you can delete these apps. Especially when these apps are not that useful to you. Finally, you are able to remove that ‘Extras’ folder you have where you keep these apps. But, these apps are not really deleted but are just hidden. It is not that great but it is a good start right? At least they won’t be clogging our screens.


Notification Center

Notifications appear as large cards, being able to display more about the notification than the old notifications from iOS 9. Yes, the notification center is completely changed but the ‘swipe left to clear or view’ action is still available. Thus enabling you to dismiss other notifications. The new Notification Center allows you to interact more with your notifications even if your phone is locked.

Swiping right on the notification center lets you view the notifications of ‘Today’. The Notification Center also has a ‘Search’ option which is a great improvement.

Control Center

The control center is also improved. Apple made it more manageable. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to have a glimpse of the control center and you will see a few changes. The toggles are now colored for connections like Bluetooth, Airplane mode and Wi-Fi. You will also see that Music controls are no longer part of the main control center. It has its own control panel. To reveal the music controls, all you have to do is swipe left on the control center. Aside from having its own control panel, music controls have more options to control music on the device. You can directly select the output device from the music control pane.



Allows Collaboration in Notes

Collaboration in Notes app is a new feature of iOS 10. This allows you to share a link with people over messages, email and others. This also allows them to view and edit the note you shared. This is a great feature rather than using the ‘share’ option that was available on iOS 9. But that option is still available if you felt a need to use it. This collaboration is great for friends or teams working together. Whether planning on a new vacation or working on a new idea. The important thing is, everyone in the group can view and edit the note.

Lock Screen Changes

The first thing you will notice is that ‘Swipe left to Unlock’ screen is no longer there. It is replaced by ‘Press Home button to Unlock’. Also, to access the camera without unlocking your phone, you have to swipe left. The old version has the command of swiping up for the camera.

Smarter Siri

Siri is now opened to developers with iOS 10.  It is more likely to evolve into a virtual assistant rather than just a plain voice command system. Users will be able to use voice controls in sending messages with third party applications like WhatsApp, Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP calls or even book a ride via Uber. Banking apps also allows users to pay another through VA. Any non-Apple apps can do their thing with this improvement.

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