Why does having unlocked phones very important? Maybe because services provided by other networks are more enticing than your network. Or because you want to get rid of the old SIM and change it with another one from another network. In thoughts of saving money, we opt to purchase a locked phone from a local carrier wherein we are bound to its network and fees that came with that supposedly  “lower” price. We won’t be able to break free from that network until the plan or contract expires. Today we will be focusing on the benefits of having our phones unlocked to us, users.

What are the benefits of having your phone unlocked?

  1. Free from using one carrier only

Unlocked phones can be used freely on other networks by using or changing the SIM card.  Effortlessly switching to different networks and having the flexibility of selecting the right plan that works well with our needs. This is very beneficial to people who loves travelling to other countries. Having an unlocked phone can mean that you can use a prepaid SIM used locally in that country. This is to make cheaper calls and avoid too expensive roaming fees.

  1. More choices on phones

Unlocked phones give its owners lots of choices. What if your carrier does not have the phone you are eyeing for? Or you want that specific Roger’s phone but your mobile carrier is Bell? Having an unlocked version will hit two birds with one stone! You got the phone you wanted and you can still use the carrier you prefer to use. You also don’t have to wait for your contract to be over before you can upgrade or switch to a phone of your choice.

  1. Say goodbye to pre-installed software

After a long suffering from the pre-installed software uploaded by the carrier or the manufacturer. You can kiss your pre-installed software goodbye when your phone gets unlocked! This software is completely useless to you and it hinders you from customizing your phone on your own accord. It also occupies much of your phone’s space and slows down its function. Have fun and enjoy a faster mobile experience, you get to choose what you put on your phone.

  1. Better plan for you

Unlocking your phone give you the choice of selecting a plan that suits you and your specific needs well. Choose a carrier that gives better deals and is budget friendly. Unlocking your phone also helps you save more. Say goodbye to subscription fees and any unnecessary fees that you should not be paying for.

  1. Complete coverage

Phones that are unlocked run on GSM networks. Meaning, users can bask on complete coverage whenever they want and wherever they are. But always remember to have a local SIM card. Worry free, less hassle and greater connectivity.

  1. Resell your phone easily

Considering that you want to upgrade your phone, your old unlocked phone can be easily bought. And you will be able to get a reasonable money from it. Unlocked phones are more in demand or can easily attract buyers than locked ones. You can sell your unlocked phone internationally because it is open to any carrier and get a higher price for it.

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