Before going out of the house or apartment, we make sure our phones are fully charged and will last through the day right? But sometimes, even if our phones are fully charged, they don’t last all day. Keep on scrolling to understand why and what to do to prolong our battery’s life.

First thing to do is check what’s using your battery. For Android smartphones, you can check this on your settings. Press or click on About Phone then go to Battery Use. This will show you the breakdown of what’s eating your battery up. It is presented via percentage so you will know which is consuming your battery the most.


1. Brightness and Back light

Number one culprit for fast dying battery is brightness and back light. To save more battery life, remove the Automatic Brightness on your settings and set the brightness on the least brightness your eyes can tolerate. Same is through with back light. Reduce it to one or two seconds to conserve your battery.

2. Connections

When we leave the GPS, Data Connection, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi running at all times, they consume battery power faster than lightning. If these connections are not in use or not that important as of the moment, it is best to turn them off or disable them to save more battery. Go to Settings then select Wireless & Networks then disable them. For GPS, you can find it on Location and Security. They can also be found on the upper part of your screen, where the notifications show, drag it down and turn them off if they are not in use.

3. Applications

When using our smartphone’s apps we tend to forget to close them when they are not in use. The thing here is that, they keep running on the background which also consumes your battery’s life. So when they are not in use, close them. Also, be careful of installing free apps, they are full of ads. In turn when using the free apps, these ads that voluntarily shows up, eats up your battery. Keep your applications up to date, it also contributes a little to save up some battery.

4. Push Mail

Every time, our phone receives an email, a little bit of our battery life is being consumed. If it is essential for you or in the nature of your work, you can keep it that way. But if you want to save more battery, you can always change your preference on the Settings.

5. Phone Features

Avoid games, long calls and taking too much photos and videos. These apps also consume a great deal of energy. If they are not that important to use as of the moment, you can always avoid them.
We hope this helps you!
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