Let’s talk about how to get a Samsung unlocked. A great smartphone is one of the top choices on any one’s want list. But because having a smartphone in turn costs you a little bit more of cash. To pay less for the smartphone, people purchase those that come with a wireless carrier. These phones come with a subsidy contract. This maybe a great deal but your phone must be tied to that carrier’s network for a specific period of time according to the terms and conditions of the contract. You will have to endure and not be able to use your preferred network in cases that you chose to switch networks. Thus, not allowing you to use any SIM from any network.

Before we get to the main topic, here are some FAQS:

What is SIM Network Unlock PIN?

It is the PIN you need to type on your phone to be able to unlock your Samsung device that is locked in a certain carrier’s network. This happens if you purchased your Samsung Galaxy on a contract with a carrier. Or sold by carriers at a subsidized price to get customers to buy them and end up with any charges the network imposes. Still, you can unlock Samsung Galaxy phones and use it with your preferred network.

How will I know that my Samsung phone is locked?

Try these steps to determine whether your phone is locked or not:

  1. Call someone with your current SIM
  2. Turn your phone off
  3. Remove your SIM Card
  4. Insert a new SIM Card from a different carrier. If it asks for “SIM Network Unlock PIN” or unlock code, this means that the newly inserted SIM card is denied and that your phone is locked.


First Option: SIM NETWORK UNLOCK PIN via contacting your wireless carrier

Request your Samsung unlock code from Network Carrier

If all the requirements are met, you may avail for a SIM network unlock PIN. This is provided by your carrier and is free of charge. You must have paid your purchase completely and have used your carrier’s services for at least three months. If you have plans on traveling abroad, carriers may offer to unlock your Samsung. Inform them that you want to buy a prepaid SIM used locally at your destination. If they don’t provide the code, try these steps:

  1. Install your new SIM:

Once you get the PIN for your Samsung to be unlocked from your network, turn your phone off, eject the old SIM and insert the new one from a new carrier.

  1. Turn on your phone:

In attempt to build a connection with the new carrier’s network, it will ask you to input the SIM network unlock PIN.

  1. Enter the Samsung unlock code:

Make sure that you are typing the exact code. After entering the code, you should be connected to the new network already. In cases of wrong PINs entered for a few times, the phone will be permanently locked. You will have to request the carrier to unlock it for you.

Second Option: Manually Unlock Samsung: SIM Network Unlock PIN

  1. Be sure that your phone is locked

Few devices are unlocked when they came out of their boxes. Check first, whether yours is locked or not to save your time.

  1. Samsung Device must be running on an Android Jellybean 4.1 or higher

In using this method, your device must be running Android Jellybean 4.1 so that you can upgrade it to Android 4.3 or later. Because this method only works for Android 4.3 or later. To check the software version, go to your Settings, then scroll down and press About Device and you can see there which version of Android your phone is running. To update, go to System Updates and Check for Updates. The device will update the network using your Wi-Fi connection.

  1. Make sure it is a GSM Phone

Phones that run on GSM networks works well with this method or at least give it a try. CDMA networks don’t allow you to unlock your phone.

  1. Open Dialer

Type your Samsung Network unlock PIN to have an access on the service menu. Then enter this code: *#197328640#.

Choose [1] UMTS- you will have an access to the maintenance menu. In tapping the wrong choice, press the Menu button to return on the menu.

Choose [1] DEBUG SCREEN- this lets you open the Debug menu.

Choose [8] PHONE CONTROL- you will have access to a menu that help you adjust settings on your locked Samsung phone.

Then choose the option NETWORK LOCK, which is the sixth option. You can now control the SIM Lock function.

Under NETWORK LOCK, choose PERSO SHA256 OFF then wait for 30 seconds. Then go back to NETWORK LOCK menu by tapping on the Menu button.

Select NW LOCK NV DAT INITIALLIZ, then wait for a minute to pass by after tapping it.

Reboot or Restart your phone. After waiting for a minute to pass by, restart or reboot your device. No notifications or notices that the procedure is successful. The only sign that it work is when you finally connected to your new SIM card’s network.

Third Option: Unlock Samsung Phone by Unlockcodeshop

They specialize in unlocking any mobile phone. They offer 100% guarantee or your money back if they were not able to unlock your Samsung.

How do this work?

The procedure is really simple. First thing you do is go to our Home page and select your country (Canada or United States) and your phone’s carrier. Then place your order on your Samsung unlock code. Your code will be sent to you via email as soon as possible. Different delivery times applies to different phones. Then the only thing left to do is to enter the code to your phone. So there you go! You have unlocked your Samsung phone!


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